Armstrong County Woman Wins $1,000 a Week For Life With Game of Life Lottery Ticket

Armstrong County woman wins $1,000 every week for life through Game of Life lottery ticket

Westmoreland County Giant Eagle store held great significance to one lucky Armstrong County resident when she purchased a $10 THE GAME OF LIFE scratch-off ticket and won Pennsylvania Lottery officials’ top prize of $1,000 per week for life! Though still unknown publicly, she bought it at Giant Eagle on Towne Centre Drive in Westmoreland County.

How to Play GAME OF LIFE:

Each THE GAME OF LIFE ticket features a YOUR SPINS play area containing six (six) spin play symbols labeled SPIN 1 through SPIN 6. Begin by scratching off all six of these SPIN play symbols on YOUR SPINS play area before moving along on THE GAME BOARD by one space for every space marked uncovered SPIN 1, starting from “START”, counting START as one space forward before scratching only what space lands under YOUR SPINS play area on YOUR SPINS play area before returning back to YOUR SPINS play area to continue playing the GAME.

Every ticket to THE GAME OF LIFE contains 10 WINNERS’ PRIZEs ranging from $10,000 cash up to $1 Million cash prizes that must be claimed before November 30th 2020 or else they will become forfeit.

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