Exploring a Bright Life by Courtney LeBlanc

Exploring a bright life Sunnys blog takes you into a positive and healthy

An effective approach to living a healthier lifestyle is creating a plan and adhering to it. Set yourself attainable, realistic goals that you will reward yourself for reaching. Join a group or participate in activities such as team sports, swimming, dancing, biking or yoga to keep mind and body active and keep health at the forefront.

Sunny is an middle school student navigating an emotional transition period and finding herself. With so much on her plate and trying to understand who she truly is, Sunny finds comfort in knowing many of her friends have activities outside of school such as sports or clubs that keep them connected and give them an outlet to discuss topics they care about – something she aspires to do herself but is uncertain how.

As SUNNY meets her new friend Arun at the HANGOUT SPOT, Arun informs her of his debate club and its numerous benefits beyond mere argumentation. While SUNNY finds this intriguing, she worries she might be too timid to join. Arun encourages her to give it a go anyway and soon SUNNY discovers there is much more than simply argument to debate; such as research, teamwork and speaking before judges that can all be learned through joining an actual club! She decides to become part of it herself and feels closer than ever to peers, teachers, parents and parents as an active member of its membership!

SUNNY suffers from low self-esteem and a feeling of not being worthy. He often doesn’t believe he deserves what others give him, such as HERO’s care or KEL’s willingness to listen when they have problems of their own. These feelings worsen after MARI passes, leading SUNNY into depression or suicidality at various times during the storyline.

Courtney LeBlanc’s Her Whole Bright Life is an intense collection of poems by Courtney LeBlanc that addresses personal and societal grief and anxiety in an age of COVID-19 with humor, raw ferocity and raw sensuality. LeBlanc makes us feel both the trauma of loss and struggle within her poems – both honest and sensual representations that remind us how fragile human bodies can be.